Luisita Magsasaka

Got it from a Friend…

February 3, 2010

1. I am not surprised with this turn of events. First, our opponents have had a long head start in this campaign.

[Yes, but you had a God-given 55% favor of the people which you and your campaign team just pissed away].

And while I diligently perform my functions as a legislator, the others are practically campaigning fulltime, neglecting their mandate with those who entrusted them with their votes.

[Exactly which functions as a legislator have you been working on? Authoring and passing new laws or practicing that hideous rap or writing this gramatically reprehensible Press Statement? I’m glad that education is a focus for you because you definitely need to take some English classes.]

Second, for all the unprecedented and sustained ads spending in all forms of media of the other camp and the unrelenting and increasingly below-the-belt and baseless black propaganda against me by my opponents, not to mention the harassment we have been continuously getting from this administration—the arbitrary transfers and replacement of police directors, the inexplicably adverse rulings we have been getting from Comelec for our local executives, the abrupt cessation of government projects in provinces friendly to us and lately even the denial of venues for our rally sites– I am surprised that I am still on top of the surveys.

[According to Pulse Asia you lost ten points in a month that you ran advertising, and during a survey period where your #1 opponent’s name was being dragged through the mud of a corruption scandal. The minimum expectation should have been “maintenance” of your position. Either there’s something wrong with the way you are being promoted, or there’s something wrong with you.]

2. By the day, it is becoming clear that an unholy alliance is developing between this administration and my opponent. No wonder the Palace spokesman couldn’t restrain himself in expressing his gratitude to one of my opponents for keeping quiet on the many issues confronting this administration.

[We’ve already hit the Opponent on C5 and that didn’t work. Must we really rely on another conspiracy theory to win this election? Do you think this guy will be dumb enough to allow an association to GMA to stick to him? Again, you are seriously underestimating your competitor.]

3. Of course, that is not to say that we do not face challenges in the campaign. Quite a lot, I must say, foremost of which is the ability to bring our message—a clean, decent, transparent and accountable government will put an end to massive corruption, dedicate precious public resources to basic services for the poor and alleviate our people’s hopelessness and poverty—across to as many of our people as possible. It is a strong and relevant message that we are certain has had and will continue to have traction among more and more of our voters. We have been able to address this. In the coming days, we will be able to do this with greater frequency and in a sustained manner through ads.

[There you go again with your damned motherhood statements. You’re just as bad as everyone else. Everyone else is saying exactly the same thingto the point that it just makes you look insincere and trapo. Also, it’s not just what you’re saying but HOW you’re saying it. Your ads have not been proven to convert.]

[Also, if you are thinking about running more ad campaigns, the first thing you should do is fire your current creative team and hire a new one. You ran five different ads and two jingles in the last 60 days and you lost 10 points doing so. If you were a Unilever or P&G and you lost 10% market share, the first to get axed would be your ad agency, and the second would be your marketing and imaging team.]

4. On top of this, I believe that our comparative advantage—the organizational strength coming from our ability to mobilize volunteers all over the country—still has to make itself felt in the campaign. We expect that to happen as we formally start the campaign this February, the historic People Power month.

[Maybe you should have thought about this six months ago? Have you noticed that your Opponent has almost the same size of supporter network on Facebook? Again — your marketing team dropped the ball on this one. Obama had his volunteers going full steam months before the election.]

5. I have been through this before. When I first ran for office as a Congressman in 1998, I faced eight opponents and initially attracted about two-thirds of the votes. After the eight ganged up on me, throwing everything they could at me, my numbers fell to half of what I started with. But since the issues they threw at me did not stick and since I brought a message of change and hope, in the end, I prevailed with plenty to spare.

[Whoop-de-doo, you ran for Congress in your hometown of Tarlac where a Cojuangco/Aquino name carries a lot of weight. WHO CARES? Even your Senatorial position involved just being one name in twelve. This time it’s just you or the other guy. You may not have noticed but this is a much larger arena where you will be under much closer scrutiny. Nobody said this was going to be a walk in the park.]

6. What should not escape all of us is that I still lead the surveys—from the time I declared my candidacy to this day. I would like to assure everyone, especially our supporters, that as the formal campaign period starts, we will work harder to make sure that we remain on top of the fight and the hope of our people for a clean, competent and compassionate government through my tandem with Senator Mar Roxas will be fulfilled.

[Are you fiddling while Rome is burning all around you? You’re down to somewhere between a 2 and 7% gap depending on whether you believe Pulse Asia or SWS. The other guy is not going to stop working until election day. You have to cut the crap about “not wanting this” or “destiny” and actually get some work done. For God’s sake maybe you should stand for something.

[You’d better work harder. You’d better spend money. You’d better get Kris and Baby James and the ghosts of Cory and Ninoy and get them working fulltime for you. You need to fire your existing branding team and get some competent people on your staff who will not just say “Job well done, we’re #1”. ]

[How long do you think all those sycophants Kris rounded up for your showbiz ads are going to stick around when the momentum isn’t on your side? How long do you think ABS-CBN and the Inquirer are going to be friendly to you if the pendulum goes the other way? How long will it be before donors start backing another horse?]

[Noynoy, you need to get your act together because if your administration is anything like the way you run your campaign, we’ll be in for a really lousy six years. You had every advantage, and you’ve pissed it all away.]


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