Luisita Magsasaka

11.16 -Ang Ugat ng Hacienda Luisita


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Hi! I am a blogger and I read your posts. Btw, can you show your identity to us by posting your name and your background? Just want to make sure that this is not another smear and dirty campaign from the desperate and hopeless candidates…if you just want to be credible and believable.


Comment by Why now?

Dear Reader,

Hello, Sorry but I’d rather stay anonymous for security and safety. The facts that I stated in my blog are independently verified, and that much information is available publicly.

Thanks! and let us help the victims of Hacienda Luisita Massacre.

Comment by luisitamagsasaka

Thank you for making people aware of what is really happening to the farmers of Hacienda Luisita. I hope my posted YouTube videos would also help people get educated. Let us still continue the fight for justice for the victims of Hacienda Luisita Masscre.

Comment by disenchanted001

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